Registry Cleaning- Why is it necessary?

Windows Registry is a central database that stores the settings, configurations and options on Windows operating systems. The registry is the most critical and vulnerable part of a system. Every time a program is installed, it creates new registry entry. During the process of program uninstallation, the Registry entries are not deleted and leave you with a registry that is cluttered with obsolete entries pointing to non-existent software.

Why is it required to keep your PC registry clean?

These accumulated invalid and unneeded entries clutter the Registry and cause crashes and slow PC performance. It adversely affects computer's speed as well. Keeping the registry clutter free is important to avoid slow start up time and sluggishness of your PC.

The most common PC problems such as slow bootups, frequent error messages, PC crashes, problems when opening applications and slow PC performance are in most cases caused by registry errors.

To run your system smoothly, efficiently and quickly, the Registry must be cleaned and streamlined.

Windows Registry doesn't automatically clean itself up; it constantly makes new entries but never deletes the entries it no longer needs. That's why cleaning registry is necessary.

You can clean registry manually or using a registry cleaning program. Manual cleanup is not recommended method for an average, non-experienced user. If you are an expert, you can clean the registry manually, but it takes much of your time and efforts and also you might delete or damage important entries and keys, causing a program or a feature to fail.

Registry cleaners are most reliable, safest, quickest and easiest way to clean registry of unwanted, outdated, invalid entries and keep your system running at optimum speed without risks posed by manual cleanup. They are also friendlier to an average, non-experienced user. With the advanced features of registry cleaning program, cleaning registry can help avoid the occurrence of a problematic system. However, caution is advised while selecting right registry cleaner software.

I tested and found RegClean Pro is a sophisticated Registry cleaner that scans the registry, detects all the corrupt entries and repairs them all automatically. Moreover, it has the option that enables you to take part in the final cleanup. At the end of its scan, displays all entries deemed invalid by this program so that you can selectively delete items, knowingly deemed unwanted and maintain those you still needs. It compacts, cleans, and optimizes the Windows registry easily and successfully.

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